About TVK



Our story began in 1998. Vietnamese garment industry has some very first orders from abroad, so a group of people has been researching and manufacturing equipment to optimize garment export. Therefore, Garment On Hanger and production facilities were born.


Tan Viet Khanh Mechanical Service Trading Production Company Limited officially entered the market of supply and installation of GOH equipment for both Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong cities with full of Vietnamese legal. The very first and main customer is APL Shipping Line. Tan Viet Khanh also began to provide services including lift on and lift off for Vietfratch - has been known as one of Vietnam’s leading shipping.


Tan Viet Khanh has started providing GOH services for 2nd largest vendor which is MOL Shipping Line. TVK expanded to provide additional services such as inspection and repair container for both APL and MOL Shipping Lines


Vietnamese Ports and Depots were developing strongly, so there was high demand for container utility vehicles. Hence, TVK imported container forklift truck to supply to some customers such as Quy Nhon Port, Vosco Shipping Line, Bien Dong Shipping Line….This stage also provided GOH services to some of Forwarders.


Imported more container utility vehicle to supply to market.


Lease 20.000m2 at Binh Duong province, Vosco and Vietfratch Shipping Lines hired to use as Depot. TVK has provided services for Depot (container lifting, repair and cleaning container for APL and Heung-A Shipping Lines).


Vietfratch transferred all Depot services to TVK and TVK now officially has new service which is container Depot. CMA-CGM Shipping Lines signed new contract with TVK Depot. There are many shipping lines such as Heung-A, CMA-CGM, MACS Shipping Lines… are using TVK Depot services.